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The Best Themes for WordPress in 2017

Choosing your WordPress theme (the design template) is one of the most important decisions you are going to make in your blog.

Oscar Wilde said that:

“There is no second chance for a first impression”

I could not agree more.

When a new reader first meets your blog, you should strive to make a pleasant impression, while professional, and make it easy for you to find the content that interests you.

For both, choosing a good theme, and with a design and style appropriate to the contents of your blog, will be key.

However, if you are starting, you should not spend tens of hours in finding the perfect subject because. If you spend in the effort, those hours will be subtracted to what matters most at that time: your content.

So our recommendation is that at first you use a free theme with an acceptable design and that counts the basic benefits that you need (social buttons, etc.). You can find topics of this type in the official repositories of WordPress.

Ah … and do not miss the utilities & resources for WordPress themes that come at the bottom of this page …

Once your blog consolidates and you really know your needs you will have much more criteria to choose the “perfect” theme for your blog.

WordPress.com themes versus WordPress.org themes

The official repositories are different according to the version of WordPress (.com or .org) and you can find them here:

  • WordPress.com official repository: around 400 topics of which approximately 200 are free.
  • WordPress.org official repository: +2.000 free themes.

If you do not know the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, I highly recommend this post before choosing your topic:

The Best Free WordPress Theme

Unlike a few years ago, the truth is that today you have themes that have very successful designs, despite being free, and are therefore very good to start.

Although they do not reach the personalization capacity of professional payment themes, they already have capabilities that should suffice for the vast majority of novice bloggers.

When using WordPress.com you have to be aware that it is a platform that has the advantage of its simplicity of start-up and use. It has many limitations related to its nature of service in the free cloud, among them the scarce number of available topics.

That’s why, the best topics are basically for WordPress.org, and being able to enjoy them requires creating a professional blog with WordPress.org.

And finally keep in mind that free themes for WordPress can involve risks if they are obtained from sources that are not trusted, sources other than the official repositories that I have named a little above or known manufacturers of topics.

That is, my recommendation is that you never download supposedly free premium WordPress themes from unknown webs, sinister URLs that you find in some forum or unknown websites that you find on Google. If you do, there is a serious risk of you loading malware into your WordPress installation.

Lovecraft (WordPress.com and .org)

Lovecraft is a general purpose theme with a very elegant and quite customizable design to be free.

So, it seems to me one of the best options to use as a theme to start a new blog. Of course, you will have a blog with a good image and that will help you much to focus on what matters most at the beginning: generate content.

In addition, it is available on both WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

The characteristics that stand out on this subject are the following:

  • Allows to use Logo + header image
  • Is responsive
  • 4 Schemes of colors, although in practice do not see great differences
  • You have approx. 30 fonts for titles and text for posts and pages
  • 4 Widget zones (sidebar and 3 zones in the footer)
  • You are ready to set up a static home page by passing the blog to a tab (the schema we use also in Citizen 2.0)
  • It has templates to create full-width pages (without sidebar)

GeneratePress (WordPress.org)

GeneratePress is another topic that seems to be the best options to get started.

It is a modern theme, simple, light, fast and responsive (adapts to mobile devices). Of course, if you know Genesis, one of the professional themes that we recommend, it will be familiar … I mean, I think they have been inspired “slightly” in the default aesthetic of Genesis, but that is not bad for you 🙂

Being a very recent issue, it is already among the most popular of the WordPress repository and that is for something.

Customizr (WordPress.org)

It is a simple theme in its possibilities, but despite this, it already has all the important features and supports customization via CSS directly from its interface, without having to create a separate child theme for it.

In addition, it has the complete website for the theme that, among other things, offers a “showcase” of designs based on this theme (an exhibition) with dozens of custom designs of this theme that have no waste.

Customizr, in short, is an interesting option with a good balance between simplicity and possibilities.

Other free themes

We have several more topics on the radar, such as Attitude, with which we will complete this page as they are being revised.

A suggestion: If you want to be notified of updates to this list and other blog content, subscribe to our mailing list below:

The best premium WordPress templates

Once your blog is consolidated, we recommend that you consider using a professional payment theme, not so much because it is necessarily better, but because the topic is something as important in your blog as a few tens of euros, which is what typically costs a payment issue should not be reason to rule out payment issues versus free issues.

Here in this section, we are going to only see themes for WordPress.org since, in my opinion. If you consider investing money in a topic you should invest it in a professional WordPress platform with own hosting of good quality.

Divi  by Elegant Themes: Ideal for non-technical users

If you want to be able to customize your blog to the maximum yourself, but you do not have the technical skills. It allows you to work at CSS level or even programming children’s themes. So, you need a WordPress theme with a powerful visual editor.

And in recent months, has been positioned as a topic of reference (deserved) in this issue Divi of Elegant Themes.

The great trick and surely main reason why it is devastating on the users of WordPress is its tremendous capacity of personalization implemented with a very powerful visual designer and that allows you to do practically anything, but also affordable for people without any type of skill or technical experience.

You can even read that the visual part of Divi excels even at specialized layout tools such as Visual Composer, tools that are not WordPress themes themselves, but much more specialized tools specifically designed to be able to freely layout certain pages of WordPress, to create landing pages.

It should be noted that the licensing model of Divi is somewhat particular, as Elegant Themes charges for access to all its themes (more than 80 different themes).

With this, you have the right to use for life and in all your webs. You have to pay The annual renewal payment only to have support and updates.

Taking into account that it is only $ 89 (in its basic version, enough for 99% of users) and Divi quality, Elegant Themes prices are a gift, no more, no less. It is only logical that they are devastating.

Genesis StudioPress: Ideal for developing children’s themes

If you’ve already researched a little in depth about WordPress themes, you’ve probably already run into Genesis. There are many comparisons like this that talk about Genesis and put it as a reference WordPress theme.

In fact, it is the topic that uses this blog or rather: is the topic on which I developed the theme son of Genesis using this blog.

Genesis has reached tremendous popularity in recent years. So there are WordPress courses (like the one we recommend in this blog) that as part of the course contain a specialized part that explains how to use this topic.

And it is an excellent subject. It is robust, very lightweight (it creates pages that weigh little and load fast), is adaptive (responsive), SEO-friendly, etc., etc.

The bad (and dangerous for you) of this success is that it leaves a crucial background: it is not a suitable topic for any WordPress user profile.

This is because this theme has been designed as a framework. Iit has been designed to facilitate precisely what we have done in this blog. To develop new themes based on another topic that is already developed. That is the concept of son theme mentioned above (and where Genesis itself would be the subject of the father).

Free Download The Latest Version WordPress Newspaper Theme

It is a very elegant technical approach because it greatly reduces the effort to create a new theme while also providing great advantages in terms of updating the parent topic.

So much so that the simplest child topic imaginable would be a CSS file that simply modifies (replaces) some CSS rule of the parent topic, something that would cost less than 5 minutes to create.

The normal thing is that the development of a child theme is a minimum of a few tens of hours of work. It requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, at least at the basic level. It is something that the average user of WordPress does not know how to do.

That way of working is to which Genesis is oriented and with which it really takes the party that offers. In fact, in StudioPress you will find dozens of themes with different designs created by the creative company of Genesis StudioPress. They have taken advantage of that to create a lot of children’s subjects with a minimum of effort.

That’s also the reason why, if you install Genesis, you will find a very few customization options and no visual editors. It is not your goal to be a theme to facilitate the configuration visually to the user, it is a theme designed to facilitate the programming of new subjects with the minimum effort. That’s what makes a framework a framework.

Free download wordpres theme

And that is also what you have to be very clear to not get a hiccup after having bought Genesis.

Now does this mean that Genesis is not for you?

Do not.

Even if you are a “normal” user with no programming skills (no time or desire). To develop children’s songs, StudioPress already offers almost 50 children’s songs.

If any of these designs fit you as is and you only need minor modifications (in typefaces, etc.), then that may be an interesting option for you because you will get a technically excellent theme.

Minor theme adjustments such as fonts, etc. you can do with plugins like those you can find on our plugins page and a large number of free plugins for Genesis.

But, in addition, if you have a budget and want a really unique and personalized image, you can consider hiring a development of a WordPress theme tailor-made based on Genesis. The popularity of Genesis has made many web designers specializing in Genesis.

The advantage is that to be able to create a son theme based on Genesis. This lowers this option a lot, although roughly, even so for a professional result. Go thinking for minimum 500-1000 €, in return, you will have a professional and unique design.


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