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Most Profitable Highest Paying Niches in Google AdSense
Top profitable niches for your blog or website

Top Highest paying niches for Google AdSense

Top 18 Most Profitable Highest Paying Niches in Google AdSense

AdSense is an advertising placement service by many companies but Google AdSense is the most popular and highest paying advertising system in the present world. Google AdSense program is designed for websites of blog publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements that are controlled by Google. Revenue of Google is based on CPC ( cost per click ) or per impression. We can verify our website free! according to Google rules But to increase revenue you need huge real traffic that you can get by most popular niches. Here I am going to share 18 Most Profitable Highest Paying Niches in Google AdSense

1. Download Website

Download website generally has a high CTR ( Click through rate ). There are two types of downloadable site (1.) Consumer and (2.) Click. On consumer type sites people come to read information and may become ad blind.

On the other hand on click site, people come and read information and click your targeted button to watch anything or to download something. Here I mentioned some products name that you can offer people to download from your site. Before starting your business follow Most Profitable Highest Paying Niches in Google AdSense

  • Apps / Software
  • Ebooks
  • Movies/songs
  • Question & Answer paper

2. Insurance

It is the most expensive and high-paying AdSense niche. Besides AdSense, you can earn a huge commission from your website by affiliate marketing too. If you are interested in insurance I suggest you to start blogging on car insurance or life insurance.

3. Health

You will get a huge targeted audience by Health and fitness niches. Your CPC can be up to $20 because Google displays high paying advertisements on this website.

Here I mentioned some sub-niche related to health:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Bath & Body
  • Cosmetics
  • Health Food
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Self Help
  • Vision Care / Beauty
  • Wellness

4. Make Money Online

People from every corner of the world are trying to make money online because no one wants to go out their home in the present time. So, It is the most searched niche. You can start blogging by giving tips for online money making.

5. Technology

The another high-revenue paying niche is to give information about technology on your website. You can write about recently released software, Companies recently released mobile or laptop etc.

You can also write guidelines or technological problem-solving. In the present time Mostly people search for updates and how to guide on technology.

6. Tutorials

Making Tutorials are very searched at this time. You can make tutorials on how to solve the virus problem, How to unlock forgotten pattern key or anything that you are well known.

7.  Guideline for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the most important for each online marketer. Not only for marketer but also for every company who has a website. So, It is most searched niche. If you are well known about this you can start a blogging to make

8. The Web Development Niche

The website is an essential part of every company in the present world. If you know one of the web programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, or anything that is related to Web design and development. You can share your experience or use techniques of the languages,

9. IT related Information

IT stands for Information Technology. People search last upgraded information about the computer, software, mobile.

Here I mentioned some IT related niches that you can follow.

  • IT news
  • General how-to guide articles
  • Gossips on IT future.
  • Reviews on IT products.

10. Forex Trading

Nowadays Foreign exchange Information has become most searched things.

You can write about Forex trading that is more hotter these days.

11. Entertainment Niche

You will receive the enormous traffic from all part of the world and most of the people read about cricket news, football news etc. Analyze Most Profitable Highest Paying Niches in Google AdSense

12. Beauty Tips

If you are a female and you are well known for the beauty you can start blogging on it.

13. Breaking News

Every news channel, news site use AdSense on their channel or website. Don’t believe me? you can search it.

  1. Education Information

Make website putting information about education like exam result, exam notice, Teacher job news, or Problem solve for English, Math etc.

15. Troubleshooting Computer errors

If you are a computer technician this niche for you! Make how to solve Computer Troubleshooting errors and earn money by placing an ad.

16. Apps Listing (Android, iOS, and Windows)

Start Blogging by putting apps list and write a description about apps that maybe Android, IOS, and Windows.

17. Web Directory

You can create a website based on all category niches website list.

18. Article Submission Site

Create a website where people can submit their article with a backlink. Most people of the world search this type of sites.

Importance of keywords

For more visitor and to make sure your site shows the first page of the search result on Search Engines. For this, you must complete SEO for your site. The keyword is most important for this. The people who are earning more with Ad Sense are practically using high CPC keywords. Before starting your Google AdSense website your should analyze  Most Profitable Highest Paying Niches in Google AdSense


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