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How to increase Fiverr sales?

Top 11 killer tips to increase fiverr sales by 200%

Fiverr is one of the global online marketplaces that offer services primarily used by freelancers. Freelancers can sell their services on Fiverr beginning from $5 and they earn $4 because Fiverr takes 20%. You can set your own extra prices for extra services in each gig. In this article, I will tell you How to increase Fiverr sales?  11 killer tips to maximize your profit by selling your gig.

How to increase Fiverr sales? Top 11 killer tips to increase Fiverr sales

1. Create an amazing profile:

your profile represents you. So fulfill your profile including your all information and skills so that buyer can understand you and your capability.

2.Add your portfolio: Buyer can justify your capability and your product quality.

3.Offer Something Unique:

There are a lot of gigs on the same concepts on fiverr.com, say you want to design a business card. Check out Fiverr by searching “business card design” you will see dozens of the gig on “business card design”. You can make the gig on the same concept but to increase your sale and maximize your profit you should analyze the same concepts gigs. Add some extra offer in your gig description.

4.Offer surprising value:

Although Fiverr gigs start at $5 but Fiverr allow you to set extra price for your extra services. For making your gigs exceptional you should write enough content and surprising customization options.


To maximize your profit feedback is very essential. After completing your job tell your buyer to give you positive feedback if your buyer does not want to give positive feedback then ask him and you should revise the service to fulfill his/her need. For example, two sellers one has 70 positive and another has 90 positive feedback. Between them, the person who has 90 positive feedbacks will win the sell.


If you offer a money back guarantee that means you are offering to cancel the transaction if your client is not satisfied with your job. Some people abuse this I think you should offer “unlimited revisions guaranteed” or “100% client satisfaction guarantee” etc.

7.Amazing Gig title:

Short but meaningful gig title is very important because Fiverr is a very space-premium site. It displays the gigs particularly locations on the front page. Using more popular and SEO sense keyword can attract more traffic. There is a proverb that “The shorter a gig title is, the easier to understand and parse immediately.”

8.Write a very detailed description:

Unfortunately, Fiverr limits your descriptions within 1200 characters that are really not enough space for detailed. So, Concise your description as much as possible. But you your gig should be as clear as possible.

9.Video description:

Create an attractive short video highlighting your offer and extra services for your client. Fiverr’s internal data says that video descriptions increase the selling possibility 220% for each gig.

10.Advertise your gig:

There are no rules against advertising Fiverr off-site. They encourage it so much that they introduced a service that allows you to create custom deals and pricing options on other sites. You can advertise your gig through sites like facebook, twitter, g+ etc. 13. Advertise Your Gig Off-Site.

11.Deliver your products:

When you will get an order you should complete it before the estimated date given by the buyer. It will help you to get more job from him/her.

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