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100% Unique and SEO friendly Article Writing Tips

Hello friends!, Unique article writing is very important for any blog or website for ranking on Google and other Search Engine. On pastearticle.om we share some tips about 100% unique and SEO friendly article writing.

To write unique article follow the below steps.

1. Focus On the Content More Than the Keywords

Do not think hard just highlight your keywords and write naturally. Search your keyword on Google to get Idea on the subject.

2. Implement Your Own Knowledge, Experiences, and Perspectives.

You should not copy from anywhere but you should implement your own knowledge, experiences, and perspectives on the article. If you do not have knowledge keyword just search on Google and take idea then write.

3. Summarizing the Steps to Having a Truly Unique Article

Make a short list with some subheading which you want to focus on your article.

4. Introduction and conclusion

Write an introduction and conclusion of your article within 150 words including your keywords.

If you have any question you can comment or contact us. We will response you as soon as possible. Also, you can email us through pastearticle@gmail.com