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Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss | Best Hair Loss Treatment Centers in Hyderabad

What Is Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment And How Is It Done?

Falling hairs is a problem for people all over the world. The cases of baldness have increased at an early age which is even more alarming. People with the problem have started to accumulate stress because of it which further worsens the situation as stress is an active factor leading to excessive hair loss. The cases of hair loss have increased and with no hair growth, the situation leads to baldness. The condition of receding hairlines and patchy hairs has created serious problems for the people dealing with it.

The causes are many which include unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, reduced natural substance use, pollution, age, heredity, hormones etc. People who are on heavy medication due to illness also face the same problem. There are many ways in which the hair loss could be controlled but the stem cell treatment for hair has created a lot of buzzes. This is because of its effectiveness and the results it has generated all these years.

What is stem cell treatment for hair?

The human hairs require follicles which are present in the scalp. When the scalp is not healthy or the follicles are dead then they prevent the hair from growing. The process of stem cells therapy for hair is used to stimulate cells which help in growing new follicles. This, in turn, creates new hairs which are transplanted on the scalp. The process progresses to the step where the stem cells enriched scaffolding are injected into the scalp. This is a part of the process which helps the hair follicles get empowered to develop on their own. The cases of baldness are being fought and the hair growth is then promoted. The process is also very effective when the people lose hair due to aging and the follicles tend to shrink.

The major reason why the hair stem cell treatment is so popular is that it has many additional benefits to it. Along with the hair growth and treatment, the texture of the hair also becomes smooth. The quality of the hair is also increased with the process which is why people prefer this over other methods. The people who have undergone the surgery mention that they do not have to encounter any problem with hair loss ever again. This is mainly because the follicles are provided the power to regain strength and they can grow hairs again and allows them to become strong.

There are a lot of people who have undergone the process of stem cell treatment for hair loss. The experts say that the process is safe and had no known side effects. There will be a few sittings involved with the therapy. The duration fairly depends on the condition of hair and extent of baldness. The common situation where there is mild baldness then it won’t require much time and two sittings will be enough.

The treatment will involve taking away some follicles from the scalp and they will be processed in the lab before the next sitting. The few follicles will lead to the creation of lakes of hair.

Since there are very less discomfort and higher results the method has become so popular. The process is safe and leads to better and quicker results. This is given that the process is undertaken by experts who know what they are doing and all the steps in the process are taken with care.

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