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5 Reasons Why Responsive Email is Must

We have to understand the meaning of responsive email before discussing how it is done. We often use internet-enabled phones to open our emails but it may happen that when squeezed into a small screen, the email can become absolutely unusable with small fonts, narrow columns and broken layouts as being the common issues even though the newsletter of email may appear superb. Nowadays, the number of mobile users who opens emails on their phones is increasing and they don’t want any irritation while using these services. So, it means it has become necessary for designers to make the arrangements so that an email newsletter could be optimally displayed on the mobile device. Here, the need for responsive email is must and a student of digital marketing course could understand it more easily. Some other reasons behind the need for responsive email are the following:

  • According to a survey, a large number of consumers delete emails that don’t render well on a mobile device and so it is necessary to make faster to build an email from a responsive email template.
  • Email is the critical enabler of the product and services of the most of the companies as it has been found that it is a critical marketing function.
  • Responsive emails save more time in design and building as it has a more structured template.
  • Your subscribers must be targeted and only then the emails will be proved responsive. For example, if you are producing only jeans, then the customers who are looking for only suits or saris can’t be attracted to you.
  • Your email could only be responsive if you’re the group of subscribers will trust your qualifications even though they usually don’t know who are you.

So, in the end, we know that responsive emails are much important due to several reasons such as to inform your target group of the audience about your product and services and to make sure that it should be done flawlessly. We are aware of the fact that people often look at their phones 200 times a day which provide you many opportunities to reach your target audience and so the design of your emails should be effective enough to capture your audience or customer’s behaviour within these scattered moments throughout the day. It is very much comfortable for the students of digital marketing course to practice such things. If you will not adapt, then your audience will choose to opt out and then it will become towards impossible for you to regain them because a large number of users choose to unsubscribe from promotional emails if the emails or websites didn’t work well on their smartphones. Apart from all this, the number of smartphone users is going to increase day by day and you are going to get a grand opportunity to attract your customers. You can use emails to send personalized and dynamic content straight to your audience’s device and this need to make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile users.


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