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Warning: There’s a Party in Your Belly Button

Micro Biologist is amazing people. Who else would venture into the world getting samples of toilet seats and other objects? At least they teach us interesting facts. Now we know that a toilet seat has fewer germs than a typical kitchen sink. In fact, the kitchen sink has more germs than any other place in your home! Is this useful information? You’re darn right it is, but try telling this to a friend who washes his lettuce in the kitchen sink!

We have all heard the horror stories about germs residing on phones, door handles, and shopping carts. It’s enough to drive us into hiding. Before we get too paranoid about germs let’s remember that not all germs are bad. In fact, many kinds of germs are beneficial and we couldn’t be healthy without them.

The latest news I heard relating to germs involves…are you ready for this, your belly button. That’s right, a biologist from North Carolina State University swabbed more than 500 hundred belly buttons and discovered a jungle of germs living there. I can imagine germs sitting in beach chairs drinking Pina Collates as they party without our knowledge.

This study was very scientific in that it involved recorded details of all the “doners” taking part in the study. The study considered the sex, age, ethnicity and other factors of each individual. With all that information, the biologist could not predict what type of bacteria they would discover. Our belly button germs are simply fellow members of the three to five pounds of microbes found in all human beings.

This study is enough to make you gaze at your belly button in a whole new way. And yes, there is a word for doing that called omphaloskepsis.

Author Bio

John Lundgren is a retired junior high teacher who worked hard to avoid all the germs his students were so willing to share. His students coughed without covering their mouths, they ate food off the top of their desks and swapped soda out of the same bottle. To combat the lack of hygiene in his classroom, he created a hand washing initiative site at www.handwashingexperts.com


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